Market Utilities Ltd was formed in 2011 and since its inception has grown steadily. Originally founded as a cost reduction company for SME business we have grown in size and branched into many sectors of the energy markets.

In 2017, we looked again at what we were doing and in what direction the business should go. In early February 2017 we conducted some extensive market research into customers thoughts about the environment, sustainable energy and pricing. The conclusion was that many businesses and organisations liked the idea of "Going Green" but were under the impression that it is way more expensive than "Conventional Power".

April 2017, Greenest Energy SW was born, a trading name of Market Utilities Ltd. The structure and customer service remain the same but with one aim and one aim only to work with as many businesses and organisations in the South West to move them onto a sustainable energy source. lowering carbon emissions is the duty of everyone but we understand that the bottom line is always a deciding factor, so our approach is simple,

organise those who wish to reduce Co2 into buying groups so that as a larger entity, so we can leverage discounts from suppliers based on the number of customers and the overall consumption of KwH's.

Market Utilities Ltd has not gone away, we are still here to help those who are not yet ready to make the switch to 100% renewables. We have an extensive supplier panel offering contract terms from 1-5 years at the best rates we can find. If you would like a quote, please click the button below or call us on 01460 78129

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